Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Stuff.

I look a hot mess and I feel like shit.

In other news, Luke posted a blog cleverly titled,
I have my own religion and beliefs!....He read my mind the whole way through. Its crazy the amount of comments his blog gets. I wonder if he actually reads all of them.

There are three things I love about blogging.

  1. The word 'Blog' is a verb.
  2. The random emails and IMs, which I think may be my favourite part, actually.
  3. Discovering new authors. Its interesting reading through the different personalities.

Speaking of emails. It seems I am behind. I'm a big slacker, I know. I'm working on it.

I'm legally blind in my right eye. It hasn't given me any problems until today. I ran into two walls at work. I really really need new glasses. I'm clumsy enough on my own I don't need my vision messing up the little coordination I do have.

Ive been thinking seriously about picking up another job. I don't know how I'm going to juggle two jobs and school, but I feel like its something that I need to do for obvious reasons. I want more money.

I'm not a dreamer. Not in either respect of the word. I usually have dreamless nights if and when I do sleep. Lately I have been having some weird dreams. My most recent one involved and old friend. In the dream she was called my best friend. Long story short we ended up fist fighting. After the fight I apologized for hurting her, which is weird because whatever it was, the fault was hers...had to have been.

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