Saturday, July 4, 2009


Sometimes, I get random emails about my little blog and this time I got one from someone asking me to talk of my favourite sexual experience...outside of the bedroom... and because sex is essential to life, I am more than happy to oblige. Ive already posted the T.O.P. ones, this ranks next, I suppose. I'll try to use lots of adjectives and shit, So here goes...


He picked me up and put me on the edge of the sink. Licking his lips, he took off my shirt. He rubbed his thumb across my nipples. I started to shake, not because my arousal was at one thousand, but because the cool air was on. He grinned at me wickedly as he eased one hand into the waist of my jeans. His fingers slid lazily through the slippery folds of my pussy. I moaned. He took that as consent to continue with more purpose...more dedication. Then he crooked his fingers inside of me and started coaxing my orgasm down to him...It
was listening.

I felt my back arching involuntarily and the oh so familiar tension build up in my core. My hips started to buck. He held me in place with one hand and continued to control my entire body with the other. I trembled and moaned in satisfaction. He kissed me slowly and deeply while he pressed his extremely evident erection inside of me.

'Turn around for me,' he said through his teeth. I hopped off the counter and pulled my jeans down just enough for what was to come. He placed my palms flat against the mirror.

I heard his zipper, I heard the foil. All systems are a go.

He grabbed my hips. He teased my clit with the head of his erection sending shocks of pleasure throughout my body. Slowly and deliberately he entered me. First entry is always the best. I started grinding my ass into him, meeting his forceful thrusts.

His hand snaked down the length of my body in search of my swollen clit. He found it. He pinched it, pulled it and rubbed it, which sent another wave of intense pleasure throughout my body. I felt myself contracting around him. He groaned and slowed down, but never stopped.

As soon as the best of the contractions passed, he picked up his pace and fucked me through the rest, sending me yet again to the edge of a third orgasm.

'Cum with me.' He whispered in my ear. He wasn't asking. He kissed me roughly and tangled his fingers into my hair, while he pumped in and out of me over and over again as his hand mauled my clit furiously. I cried out his name. 'Fuuck' he grunted and he continued to plundered in and out of me. Faster and faster before he finally spent himself in the condom.

He fucked me through the spasms, much slower than before, while he continued to kiss me bruising my lips. I was already starting to feel sore as he pulled out of me. Before I knew it he was kneeling on the ground giving my pussy one long and slow lick, making me want him all over again...We moved it to the room.

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