Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Monday.

Instead of posting videos, I'm going to share some music news.

In October there are two concerts coming through this city of mine. One is Creed and Staind. The other is Rob Thomas.

I cant wait. I love them and yet I still haven't bought tickets for either show.

I'm in love with the band Kings Of Leon. I hate that I'm just now getting into them. I feel like I've missed out not having discovered them sooner. I was told that they are going to be at the three day music festival in Chicago, as is Tool and a whole lot of other musicians.

Damn, I want to go.

Anyways the lead singer is so sexy and their music is good.

Sex on Fire

Use Somebody


asweetnectar said...

ogm...I love both of these songs! Great group love!

the eternal list said...

do you like Tool?

Jessica said...

Tool them.

the eternal list said...

...than i love you ;)