Friday, July 31, 2009

Things You Dont Know.

I hate hate hate cheese and weddings.
It pisses me off when I have to clean up after people like they re fucking children. Grow the hell up and do your own shit....its how I feel.
Once I decide to no longer associate with someone, I mean it.
I hate taking off mascara. Its time consuming and that shit gets in my eyes.

I favor odd numbers.
I do not have any heroes and I don't look up to any person.
There are two, maybe three people in my life that I would actually enjoy being roommates with.

Yours truly is attracted to assholes and nine times out of ten I won't even give the nice guy a chance. Sad, but so very true.

I do not like to be the center of attention, but I like to change and be different.
I vibe better with men. Females are annoying and most of them care too much.

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Amorous Rocker said...

Most of those could have been written by me. Exceptions being I love cheese and assholes and I clash horribly. ;)