Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I was catching up on my class discussions.

Shocked?....Me too. I'm a pretty big slacker, but I digress.

The class is called Positive Psychology, which I will admit was a lot of tedious bullshit, but not a complete waste. Anyways....Two students expressed how they didn't learn a single useful skill that they could apply in real life.

Another, rather angry student, responded by saying,

"Nice job paraphrasing Janna's response! I would be more interested in hearing the rationale behind your comments, and your real, personal beliefs. I do not want to read the same response twice, and I find it hard to believe you are channeling our classmate. Are you implying that absolutely nothing that was covered in this class helped you in any way? Apparently you never learned the meaning of empathy during this class either. I feel sorry for anyone who can take a class for 9 weeks, and learn absolutely nothing. Small, closed minds demean the learning experience for the rest of us. I would prefer that people
who do not wish to learn, or to expand their horizons, would just work at Arby's, and leave the learning to the rest of us."

Who knew class could be so entertaining?...and that was only one of his many messages.