Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Over the past year I have learned that the most addictive feeling on earth is the feeling of being yourself AND being accepted for it. The feeling of not having to think before you speak among friends. Not having to worry about your image, not having to worry about changing yourself for the group of friends you are sitting with at that point. Being able to openly talk about thoughts that you would typically be judged for or even considered inappropriate. The feeling of being yourself, it's an amazingly powerful thing."

"What's the recurring theme again…oh yeah, Assumptions."

"Everytime you react without thinking you are letting someone or something else control your brain, emotions, feelings and actions."

"He only wore black acid wash Ruslter jeans, never a shirt, not even to school and black leather velcro shoes. If you even looked at him he would punch you so hard in the face that everyone near him including the teacher would throw up from the pain. The teacher was even afraid to discipline him, she knew her time would be limited if she did.

He was 9 years old but at 6'1" 190lbs and 30 years I would call him sir to this very day, even if he was still 9 years old."

"In my opinion which 97 out of 100 times is right..."

"There are no acts that are inherently special.
Special is defined by the people involved in the act."

"If she calls and says, "I lost my vagina," our relationship would end."

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