Thursday, September 17, 2009


The brothers on Top Chef turn me on. They are sexy...especially the tattooed one.

Lover is newly 25, as if anyone really cares...he surely doesn't. He was upset that I couldn't spend the day with him and assured me that I would regret it. I did/do and when I finally did see him, it took everything inside of me not to get him naked. The good thing about our relationship...and I use that term loosely, is that we have complete honesty and we expect nothing less than that from each other. He knows Ive met another person. I didn't have to tell him.

Knowing the type of person he is, one would expect him to throw a truck across the parking lot, but he didn't...I'm almost sure he could though. I think the reason he didn't start tossing vehicles is because he thinks that this new guy doesn't compare, and if that's the case then he is right...they are too different to compare.

I have plans to see the New Guy this weekend. I think we are beginning to understand each other a little better, which means that I am in the clear when it comes to jumping all over him. Seeing as how I am a little sexually frustrated. Jumping him will only make it worse because I do not intend to fuck him. I'm pretty sure he's they type of guy who would care more than I would. We will see.

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