Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music Bar.

Its time for a new cell phone.

The other day I was sifting through my emails and I saw one from the guy that likes to be watched. I'm not sure if I mentioned him, the architect...with the 8 year old. Anyways, his email kind of pissed me off. Not what it said, but because it was there. He's not a bad looking man, in fact he's cute, but I'm not into the whole business professional thing. It was only cute for a minute.

I feel as if I should tell about the actual bar itself, I've read the reviews before I went and they made it sound like a really cool diverse's not. It was only okay the location is weird, the drinks are not that great and the seating is awkward. I wasn't feeling it and I'll never go back.

So for last night, we met at that stupid bar and for the record he looks a lot older than 25, I blame his weird hair and the cigarettes, anyways long boring story short I've figured out that he can put up with a lot. It's hard to throw him off his game, which is a very good thing to know...if you know me then you understand why.

I think he might be more into me than I am into him as he has plans to for each of my off days in the coming months...which is not very many, by20the way...but that's a whole other story entirely and it pisses me the fuck off. As I was speaking to him he kept interrupting to invite me places in a sporadic kind of way, very childlike. It was cute...which may be the problem. I want sexy, not cute.

Another thing, that man can really drink, I'm not sure yet if this is a bad thing, but he started drinking before I even got there and while I was there he had at least 6 Whiskey and Cokes on top of that we did shots and he was completely unaffected by them.

That's talent.

It reminds me of Rob the Roommate. That man can put 'em away, I swear his first drink ever was probably 80 proof.


vixen kitten said...

Maybe this is just my personal experience talking, but anyone who can put away that much alcohol and not be affected by it is usually a pretty "seasoned" in alcoholic.

Those people are never fun, and never worth the trouble once their true colors come out.

Just my very humble opinion.

I hope your day is beautiful.


Bill the Coyote said...

I'd have to agree with Vixen Kitten, above. I've been in the industry, and I can handle my own rather well. But, outside of a "special occasion", unless they were really super weak drinks, that was too much for him to have with you.

Either way, it sounds like your instincts are serving you correctly. Move on.