Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cranberry Sauce.

I am excited for cranberry sauce. I always end up leaving it on my plate, but this year...I'll eat it. I'm really excited for Thanksgiving. I enjoy the family family is huge so its always a good time. When I was younger I would sit in the kitchen while my aunt cooked, its more or less how I learned...and that foods class in high school. Next to eating, my favorite part is watching my aunt and mama cook.

Speaking of which, my mama is always talking about how old she is. The other day she says to me, "Jess, you better start spending more time with me. I'm 45, I wont be here forever."

I, for obvious reasons, hate it when she speaks like that. In my mind shes immortal and that's the end of it, but that particular day she started criticizing her appearance. She spoke of plastic surgery. For the record she is not fat shes 5'2, 120lbs and doesn't look a day over 26. My blase attitude before I exited her room prompted her mini guilt trip rant.

It reminds me of song lyrics:
"...My mother is always tried to change herself, She never learned to let things be..." Staind- Me

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