Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Things.

1. I bought Unisom.

2. My cell phone has been malfunctioning.

3. If I had to rank the men in my life the LP Guy is number one.

4. A guy at my work, we'll call him Tiger...he likes golf...but anyways he asked me out three different times in one conversation. Weird right?

5. I am excited for James Franco to join the cast of General Hospital. I'm convinced that it will be interesting.

6. I'm still struggling with math. Its just something that I cannot grasp, no matter how easy it may seem or...actually is. This time its rates and units. FML

7. Before yesterday I had no idea how the World Series worked, I have the LP Guy to thank for that. He really is my favourite.

8. I have been excessively reading and neglecting most everything else. Uh oh.

9. I just found out that a guy is suing Ax Body Spray because women aren't flocking to him like in the commercials...WTF.

10. This has been a weird week.

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