Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have decided, in this moment, that I'm going to slow down talking to the Nice New Guy for a while.

He is distracting me from more important things. Things that I need to get in order and I only have a few short months to do so. I also need to pick up more shifts somehow...they cuts hours at my job again and as much as I hate working, I know I need to do it. I could explain that to him, but I don't want to risk him thinking that I care or something.

I talked to the LP Guy...I love that man. He's always good conversation and still my favourite man ever. I will make time for that one. Rob the Roommate is runner up.

Ive had two different offers to join couples in their sexual escapades. Its good to know that I'm first round draft pick.

This might be my year.


WordSnMotioN21 said...

Lol 2 couples? What other one? You need to accept and offer and I think you know which one.

Leann said...