Monday, January 11, 2010


Ive had a few days off recently. One of those days I spent with the Nice New Guy at his apartment. I wont go into details, but we were all over each other all day...we did somehow watch two full movies though.

He is my new addiction. Even after I know I cant take anymore, I want it. We went at it three times, with no more than a five minute pause in between. He recovers quickly and his hands are constantly roaming my body...nonstop, before, during and after. Usually I don't like to be touched that much, its too intimate, but I love when he does it and I miss it when he's not doing now.

He's a very perceptive man. When we hang out I cant help but be reminded of Lover. They have a lot of the not so good things in common.

He also wants to cook for me.