Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Night.

Last night was St Patty's Day. Its not a holiday I typically look forward to celebrating, but My Nice New Guy wanted to take me out and I wanted to get drunk, which is becoming a regular occurrence. I need to slow down on that, especially with what has been going on behind the scenes.

Anyways, he took me by a few bars that were nothing special then decided that we should go to Westport. We went to about three or four bars in that area, I had a few beers there. The streets were closed off and there were vendors out. I had the best hamburger of my life that night.

CMJ drunk dialed me.

On our journey back home we stopped at a gay bar called Buddies. I had the most fun in that bar, as it wasn't packed to capacity and every other bar we went to that night. The music was good and the people were awesome.

On top of it all we took free shots with the bartenders. I had a hot sex was sweet. I was pleasantly drunk.

Later that night the Nice New Guy fucked me. Actually hes been fucking me three times a day since Monday.

He spoils me.

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Sophie said...

Baha! Lovely way to end it. You make me wanna blog....hmm maybe