Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet The Parents.

I met the Nice New Guy's mom.

It went fine, I guess. There's nothing really special to report about it, but since I said I would here goes...

She seemed nice and was friendly, I suppose. We had lunch at a joint. I actually think they should change the name of that place to fits better. It was awkward at first due to the weeks of anticipation.

We talked about books, dogs and cheese....that's pretty much it.

The next day he and I had dinner with my mama and sister. Its not the first time he's met them, but I'm sure that sucked for him. I mean, even I wouldn't want to have dinner with my mama. I know how she is. She can judge your entire character with a single look or question and from there she decides if she wants to deal with you or not. She doesn't like to waste her time and she doesn't care for the bullshit. You need to have your stuff straight to even be on her radar. To top it off she doesn't hide any of it....It'd be hilarious if it weren't so true.

The whole meeting the family thing SUCKS. I don't like it. The alternating holidays routine is not fun for me. Ive only met two other mothers in my life and they were both by surprise. Those guys knew me well enough to know that it was not something I necessarily wanted to do.

The first one was in high school. I had a curfew then and it was after a school dance. We had some time to kill so he took me to meet his mother. It was quick. Not at all awkward. She liked my hair. I was shy then, they both understood that and didn't push much conversation out of me. I appreciated that. We looked at pictures.

Side note: It is not fun for me to see family pictures. I just don't care that much. If its not hanging on the wall I don't want to know.

The second time was Lover's mom. I had no idea where we were going, which was not unusual as he hardly spoke. His mom is best described as loving. She hugged me a lot and she cooked for me. Conversation flowed easy with her. Seeing her was like being around was just easy. I kind of miss her. It is hard to believe that Lover is her son. I wouldn't mind paying her a visit.

I'm not at all looking forward to meeting the Nice New Guy's dad...Not even a little bit.

Whatever, I guess.

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