Monday, March 15, 2010

True Story.

Once the Nice New Guy and I broke the barrier so-to-speak, it seems as if we cannot sit next to each other without making out or physically touching in some way.

This day in particular we were at the mansion aka my place, watching girls fight over Ray J...or some other stupid and completely addictive reality television show, when during the commercial break the carnal urge to kiss him took over. Cue the heavy make out session.

Kissing. Licking. Sucking.

My fingers were laced in his hair, he angled my body under him...there was some serious business about to happen. I arched my back up towards him as he pressed himself closer to my body. There was a new urgency in our kiss.

Roug kissing. More licking. Hard sucking.

(Side note: My nipples are waaaay more sensitive with the piercings and any amount of pressure sends me into a mini frenzy.) Free hugs.

I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck. He somehow managed to snake one of his hands between our bodies to find my clit, to which he applied pressure. At this point there is not a coherent thought in my mind except him.

His mouth.

His hands.

His dick.


All of a sudden he stopped. He looked at me and said, "It would be so cool to have a house boat."

WTF. It was almost hilarious....almost.


WordSnMotioN21 said...

LOL definitely hilarious

Sophie said...

LMFAO! Free hugs, hahahaha!

Sophie said...

P.S. I like this layout