Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emailed Questions.

I've been slacking on the emails, hopefully this makes up for it.

Now that you're in a relationship, would you ever cheat?

In all honesty, I've thought about it...literally and generally it has crossed my mind and my answer is, no. I wouldn't cheat. I've seen and heard what cheating can do to a person and I cannot imagine putting someone through that. Another reason as to why I wouldn't cheat is because I don't have an excuse for it, nor do I foresee one arising. If it does happen to come to that then we shouldn't be together.

Why do you like the LP Guy so much?

Actually, I think Ive already answered this one, but I'll go ahead say it again. Hes seven years older than me. I dig older men. Hes a guys guy. Hes honest, blunt and doesn't hesitate when he talks to me. He loves his job, which I find amazing and rare. No subject is off limits, he has an eye for detail and we mesh well. Plus he introduced me to Chevelle. Bonus...hes an AWESOME good it deserved all caps. Texting is of my favorite things.

You have mentioned having a threesome with another woman, have you always been attracted to women?

Hmm. No, this is a new development of sorts. I've always admired the beauty of a woman, but I've never really seen a chick and thought, 'Damn I'd like to get in them panties.' With this whole threesome thing my views have since changed, for the cause.

Whats the news on the threesome? Will you post about it?

Talks of it have simmered down. Other, more important, things have been taking place so the threesome thing kind of got put on pause, but I am one thousand percent sure that its still something he wants to do. More specifically, the talks slowed down when I mentioned our third being a male....he didn't like that too much. His mind doesn't open that way, I guess. If it happens I will definitely post about doubt.

Why did you take a lot of your blogs down?

I didn't think anyone would notice actually, but I took them down because it was a completely different time when I wrote some of that stuff and a lot has changed. I didn't want any confusion as it were. Everything written by Lover was taken down because that chapter has ended. I'll probably re post some of them soon.

What is better, sex with Lover or sex with the Nice New Guy?

Too different to compare. I wouldn't know where to begin and I don't think I should.

Are you ever going to have sex with the LP Guy since he's your favorite?

At one point I wanted to...badly...and I would have, but during that time I was with Lover and I have a one at a time personal rule. To answer the question, I don't foresee it happening anytime soon, if at all for that no.

Why haven't you posted about any encounters with the Nice New Guy?

Well. Good question. I don't have a good answer though. Ive been writing about the encounters. I have billions of drafts, but every time I sit down to write one I never seem to finish it....then the moment is lost and I never come back....soon though.

You said that Lover was intense at everything he did, even sex. How does the Nice New Guy compare?

Lover being intense is an understatement. He is the king of brooding intensity. The Nice New Guy is the exact, complete, polar opposite of Lover. On the intensity scale to 10...Lover is a 30. Nice New Guy is a 4. Sex included.

Why don't you write about any other men?

Hmm. Good question. I guess no other man has left any significant impact on my life that urges me to write about them. Maybe I'll start doing flashback posts...Millions of things are running through my head...should be fun.

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WordSnMotioN21 said...

Hmmm good blog. Some of these questions are ones I've thought to ask but forgot. Like how do Lover and Nice New Guy compare among others.