Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Fact. There are times when I feel like I'm trying way too hard.

Fact. I've named my electronics.

Fact. I miss Lover. He was so good to me.

Fact. Lover has set ridiculously high standards for any man after him.

Fact. It took me just recently to figure that out.

Fact. I've named my car Clark Kent.

Fact. I do things knowing that I'll regret it.

Fact. I see the signs and I don't turn around.

Fact. I just maxed my credit cards.

Fact. It'll take two months to pay those off.

Fact. I feel tired enough to sleep for days.

Fact. I've tons of hours coming up and I plan to call in 3 of those days just because I can.

Fact. I let the Nice New Guy get away with things that I would never otherwise tolerate.

Fact. I feel stupid and weak for that.

Fact. My job search has a success rate of zero percent.

Fact. My current job is too far away from where I plan to move.

1 comment:

Sophie said...

Awwww. Please don't feel stupid. It's love, you make concessions and compromises when you want it to work instead of saying "fuck it." It shows you care...BUT if he's being an asshole and you feel too often that you're trying too hard, say fuck it and me and girl will severely hurt him =)

(we have a plan ready and waiting, ha)