Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Emailed Questions.

You and Lover seemed like you were really into each other, why did you pick the Nice New Guy over him?

Um, I don’t know. Lover and I were really into each other, but we also had our issues, some of which I never wrote about. Some of those things were too much to look past. When it was good it was great. When it was bad it sucked, which is why we had so many breaks. The Nice New Guy is nothing like him. He handles himself in a completely different manner, which is still at times so new to me. The only similarity is probably the fact that they can both get angry pretty quick and they both fancy cigarettes.

How did you and Lover communicate if he hardly ever spoke?

Hmm. I had to learn to read between the lines. Meaning, I paid close attention to his facial expressions and his body language/movements. I had to be a mind reader of sorts. It didn’t bother me because that’s how he is, I accept it. We’re all different. It wasn’t like he was a mute; he just didn’t go around carrying conversations with people for the sake of being social. He is not personable, but it works for him. Ive become more of an observer and less of a talker because of him, especially when it comes to meeting new people....old habits die hard.

Why don’t you post pictures?

I don’t know really. It’s not that I don’t want to or anything, it’s just something that I haven’t done. Lately I’ve been thinking of changing that. We’ll see, I guess. I've actually been taking lots of interesting photos.

Would you ever go back to Lover?

I probably would have, if I didn’t know the Nice New Guy. Not because we had something great, but because it worked for me. It was easy not feeling obligated. We did what we did and that was it…for the most part. Something he did a few years ago put in stone that I would never actually commit to him…I won’t go into it, I come out looking weak. Some of you already know.

Have you met any other bloggers in person?

I like talking to other bloggers. It’s like talking to old friends sometimes, but I’ve yet to meet any of them in person. I had a dream I went to a Blogger Convention and so many people I ‘knew’ was there. Twas very interesting.

Give us some really dirty details about you sex life with the Nice New Guy.

Hmm...where to start. I'm getting all I can stand, but I always want more...I'm wearing him out. He's very tentative to me and my needs, his erection is beautiful and strong. Often times he can bust a nut and keep going for a whole new round...without pause. I really really appreciate that...there are no words.

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Sophie said...

If ever you include photos I'd like a warning before hand. Haha...And I can't imagine NNG angry, like really angry.