Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TMI Tuesday #231 - Sexual Healing

1. Name one thing that turns you on with unprecedented success.
There are many things that turn me on, but the one thing that gets me every time is when I am told what is going to be done to me.

2. Quick! Look around you and name 3 ordinary items that could be used sexually.
Tide Bleach Pen (Nice shape and size)
Hair Scarf

3. Do you consider sex good even if you don't orgasm?
Yes. Its not often that I don't orgasm, but when I don't the feel of him alone is quite enjoyable.

4. If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what sexual position or act would you like to experience from the other side?
Doggy Style because it seems to be a favorite to many people...and Side Fucking because its my favorite.

5.Describe a sexual fantasy in 10 words or less.
Sex in the stacks.

Bonus (optional): Pretend you're a doctor and a patient has come in with an "ache". What is your course of "treatment"?
Take these, get laid and call me in the morning with details.

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