Thursday, April 29, 2010

True Story.

The Nice New Guy and I have a very very healthy sex life.

There are times where we cant keep our hands to ourselves and we'll end up going at it six or seven times in a day. When those days are upon us it doesn't usually take much to get going and every now and then one of us will pull out something new. So one day I was surfing around on the Internet and I came across the idea to use a vibrator on him. The thought has crossed my mind before, but it was fleeting.

The next day we were being hands usual when I got the idea to blindfold him and torture him a little, which was visibly a huge turn on for him.

Now, the vibrator in question is not one you insert. It's to be used on the surface of the skin, its actually pretty amazing. It came with six interchangeable heads and had one perfect speed.

I say had because as he was blindfolded and after I teased him a little I reached under the pillow in search for the vibrator...the search for it took about five seconds too long, I had a mini burst of what the fuck when I thought it fell between the bed and the wall, but I found it.

As soon as I had it in my hand, I looked down at him...he was completely naked, waiting for whatever was about to happen...he had no idea, it was beautiful. As I twisted the little piece of machinery to it's on position it literally buzzed for half a second and then died.

True Story.

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