Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money Woes. Random.

It seems like Ive been looking for a second job for years, but its only been about 2 months. I applied to a local sex shop....fingers crossed for that one. I really need the extra money just so I can break even and get back ahead. My car took a lot out if me, but that's okay it was necessary.

I gave myself a six month time period to have everything back as it should be, with my all my bills paid in full and a small amount of savings on the side for whatever. My self control is amazing, so I can do it.....but not without a second job my current job is nowhere near enough.

My computer is broken. The Geeks have had it since May 28th. I've been sharing a computer with the Nice New Guy, which prevents me from blogging the way I want to, but hopefully I can go pick it up today or tomorrow. I miss it terribly. They keep saying that they will call me when anything changes....they never do. So once again I will be the one calling them.

In other news, I hate the Nice New Guy's dog. She behaves horribly and I'm sick of it.

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Sophie said...

LOL I assumed living with a dog would make you an animal lover, guess not. I'm proud.