Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Thoughts.

I feel like I am going through life waiting for something monumental and good to happen. I get to a point where I'm just on auto pilot until the next big thing comes along. I know better than this of course. I have to make things happen for myself, but when I get into that type of a rut, it takes a little time getting out.

I want to get back into reading. I've stopped and now I need that great escape from reality....especially now that things feel like they're caving down on me. I'd like to start a new long series, something completely time consuming.

My job search has thus far resulted in four interviews and zero callbacks. I don't really have much to say on that except...cant win em all. In my defense I really did try...Honest, I did. I was good, but someone else was better, I guess.

It seems as if the more you let someone in the easier it is for them to tear you down, even if they re not trying to. I let the NNG in completely and it seems like he lacks faith in me when I 'dream big' out loud to him. Its not a fun feeling.

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Sophie said...

I will loan you Harry Potter... It's better than Twilight!