Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Pets.

About 2 weeks ago we acquired a new puppy. We call her Gretta. Shes a German Shepherd pure bred, almost 4 months and a complete handful. I figured I should post a picture of her seeing as how I think she's adorable.

Just last night we took both of the dogs for a walk and we were stopped twice about her. One lady wanted to buy her and the other guy was surprised to actually see one. I didn't realize German Shepherds were such a hot commodity. Now that I know, I feel like I need to keep a better eye on her when we go out. I would hate for someone to take her from us. It would crush me. It has crossed my mind though to sell her and pay some bills, but its too late, Ive already fallen for her....even if she is a natural disaster.

I guess I better show you the other dog, Zuri. This one belongs to the NNG and most times she only listens to him, but shes six so shes not as hyper. They're both big lovers.

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WordSnMotioN21 said...

I cracked up when you talked about selling Gretta for bills!!!!