Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Positive Thinking Bullshit

So the Nice New Guy is all about Positive Thinking and to a certain extent, I get it, but lately he has been trying to shove his way of thinking into my head.....and his way of doing so is pretty much by telling me that the way I think and/or feel is wrong...end of story.

I don't have anything against the way he thinks and views life, but I do have a problem with him trying to mold me to his ways. Hes like a bum begging for money. He just wont shut the fuck up. I don't try to shove my views onto people, so why do they deem it necessary to do so to me? I don't get it.

I mean he doesn't hear me saying that I think he is a complete moron for believing so vehemently in the fairy tale of positive thinking. Not only can he not explain his case well, but he sounds like a jerk trying to. To me its a joke. No matter how serious and emotional he gets I just cannot take him seriously and I refuse to try.

I don't know if thinking positive comes naturally for him and I really don't care, but he wants me to force myself to think his way and not only will that not work for me, it is just a mask or lie of what my true feelings and thoughts are. It will take up more energy to think his way than to actually think and feel whats real.

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