Friday, February 11, 2011

I know size doesn't matter, but have you ever had the opportunity to have sex with a very well hung guy and done it simply because he was well hung?

My NNG is VERY well hung. The very first time I saw it, my first instinct was to bail. All that aside, my decision to have sex was never based on size.

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Are you following the crisis in Egypt? Do you follow politics and current events in general?

I do not watch television at all at home, only at work do I catch whats going on in the world, though every now and then I may read up on something via mobile browser.

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Do you think that Twitter has replaced Instant Messaging?

I never really jumped on the Twitter train, but I suppose it is possible.

Ask me anything

What makes you happy? What makes you smile?

Cookies. Mmm.

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1st Anniversary.

The NNG and I had our first anniversary this past Wednesday. We didn't do anything extra special to mark the event, although I'm sure it will be remembered.

I really did want to go out to dinner or something...oh well.

What we did do was get four redbox movies and ordered Chinese food. The highlight of the night, for me, was our amazing make out session on the futon. That's something we haven't done in a while. I missed it.

The last few months of our relationship year have been tough ones. There have been times where it hurt so bad I just wanted to give up. I've absolutely cried more in this last year than I have ever cried in my life. I'm sure he could say something similar. The option of parting ways has come up more times than I'd like to admit, but that extremity lost out every time, which could possibly speak wonders about us.

All the low points aside I can honestly say that I have also never smiled, loved, laughed, experimented, or really lived life until I met him. He makes me believe great things can happen.

Go figure.

Monday, February 7, 2011

What Happened To Common Law?

The NNG is trying to drag me along to yet another of his family wedding. Its his brother this time. UGH.


I dont like weddings and I do not want to take time off to go to one.

I would rather work.