Friday, January 23, 2015

Mrs. Mister

I'm getting married in a few weeks...We have yet to choose a location. I don't think I'm as excited as I should be. Maybe that will change when the day gets closer or when final decisions have been made. Right now all I feel is trapped and overwhelmed. I'm going to lose a few more pounds before my wedding....What better motivation.

If I'm being real with myself, I'm not going to put a huge effort in losing weight since I've already met my real goal of getting back to my pre baby weight of 125. The only thing that makes me even consider the idea of losing more weight is the fact that that my shape is slightly different after the baby.

My baby girl is going to be a year old two days before we get married. She's walking now. She really is my heart. I am having a tough time with her growing up. It still seems like I just had her. I just really cannot believe how fast life goes sometimes.

The Mister is on me about finding a job in my field. The truth is that I'm not in any rush to find a new job right now. I just really want to enjoy being able to fill my free time with things that do not include work, school, accounting or job searching. In order to avoid the confrontation I'm going to keep that to myself for as long as I can.

It's tax time...I think many of us are happy about that...especially me. I have had the worst car troubles after I sold ole reliable. Needless to say I am I the market for a car...asafp.

I am ready for a vacation. A real vacation. Something planned just for us, not having to do at all with visiting anyone's family. The Mister wants to go to NY to visit and stay with his brother. In essence it sounds nice, but in reality staying in a NY apartment with another family equals no privacy, no fun, no sex. I'm not interested.

After further thought maybe the Mister is right about the job situation. I'm pretty much done working with the public in a customer service position. I would rather have a cubicle where I could complete my tasks and head home at a decent hour. I don't know if I mentioned, but my current job doesn't even offer holiday pay...that's a problem huh?

I'm going to write a story in my free time...Maybe.

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Jack Napier said...

Well congrats on your nuptials! What? No honeymoon? This Joker seriously suggests to stick to your guns about this...go on a family allowed!